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They pierced his side and crucified HIM

Easter 2019

Watch the Changing of the Colors through the week of -
April 5 - April 12th 2020


Missionary Daniel Toc - From Romania

We have no idea what persecution is until you hear this man's story.
He was raised in Romania and came here for Schooling at Tennessee Temple.
He returned to tell his people about our Lord.  His Country is mostly Catholic -
(Greek Orthodox) 
He was forced into a work camp when he was younger, had much trouble getting Visas to come to the US.  His family was not Christian, so he had to sneak out to go to meetings at a local Christian Church.  This little Church was hidden by apartment buildings so the inspectors driving by would not detect it.

Memorial Day Sunday & Memorial Day 2019


July 2nd Sunday - 4th of July Celebration

Banner on Front of Church

45th Anniversary

Had wonderful response with many visitors!
With Brother Chuck Donley from the Rock of Ages Ministry